About Us



Centre for Development Policy and Practice is an independent and non-partisan organisation working to influence public policy with a focus on the development of minorities. It is involved in research, advocacy, training, and outreach to disseminate its research findings. CDPP is comprised of a small team of research professionals and expert consultants under the guidance of eminent public intellectuals.


Our aim is to encourage Leaders, Governments, Policymakers, Companies, Civil Society, concerned Individuals and Institutions to question the dominant narrative. We seek to provide answers to questions regarding India’s current development trajectory and future paradigms. CDPP aims to provide research and evidence-driven strategy as well as an inclusive platform to empower the vulnerable.


The global scenario is at a critical juncture amidst ideological shifts and rise in populism, nationalism, and protectionism. The ripples of which will be felt by national and local communities, leading to widening inequalities in economic, social and political domains, especially for the disadvantaged. With the capacity and capability to make a difference, harmonious action must be taken to impact policies, opinions and practices.