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Diplomacy in the Times of Corona

Nahia Hussain  |  30-03-2020

An international crisis such as the one posed by the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is bound to have an impact on global practices and actions. The communicable disease has spread its tentacles across 199 countries affecting a...

State of the Economy and Unemployment Scenario

Nahia Hussain  |  19-03-2020

Unemployment Scenario About 5 million Indians will be entering the workforce and new jobs will need to be created. The educated workforce will require jobs in the organized and formal sector. According to the data presented by Tradi...

Communal Riots Sweep North East Delhi

Nahia Hussain, Netheena Mathews  |  05-03-2020

The violence which rampaged North-East Delhi, killed 48 and injured 350 while also extensively damaging property and livelihoods. The carnage that raged between February 24 and 27 is alleged to be an attempt to polarise the working clas...

India Ranks at 129 Among 189 Countries on HDI: UN Human Development Report 2019

Netheena Mathews  |  10-12-2019

Inequality is the main reason many societies are not functioning today as they are supposed to despite unprecedented progress against traditional development concerns such as poverty, hunger and disease, the UN Human Development Report ...