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Journal of Development Policy and Practice

The Journal of Development Policy and Practice is a comprehensive journal covering the areas of development policy and practice with an academic orientation on multi-disciplinary thoughts. An attempt to plug the large gap that exists in understanding policy in all its facets, the publication discusses critically the processes of policy formulation and implementation.

The journal is published bi-annually by SAGE and consists of book reviews and special essays, in addition to academic papers.

The journal is a peer-reviewed platform that strikes a balance between theoretical, empirical/research-based and ‘practice-oriented’ papers. It goes through two rigorous stages of peer reviews.

Call for Papers

The Journal of Development Policy and Practice serves as a platform to bring together voices from the civil society, and academic and policymaking circles for a deeper understanding of the policy formulation and implementation landscapes in India and other developing nations. It is a comprehensive research tool for practitioners and students of public policy, economics, social sciences and public administration.

We invite submissions for upcoming issues of the journal.

Authors are encouraged to contribute their original research to the journal by submitting research papers that fall under any of the following categories: research findings, projects, literature surveys, review works, case studies, theoretical or empirical research articles, book reviews, analysis and editorials.

The contributors can write on knowledge that exists with them, identify new issues and provide an agenda for future research.

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The contributions must be original and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. For detailed submission guidelines,

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