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I am interested in the field of public policy, and how it can be used to influence economic development and sustainable growth. At CDPP, under the guidance of Dr. Amir Ullah Khan, I am studying the effects that COVID-19 has on both the Indian agriculture sector and on nationwide food security. This experience has provided me with a great deal of understanding of how this field works, and it will greatly help me towards pursuing a career in economic research.

—Vijay Tadepalli, pursuing BA in Business Economics at University of California, Los Angeles

My interest lies in areas of development and socioeconomics. I plan to pursue a career in the domain of public policy. I have previously interned with Niti Aayog wherein I analysed the performance of financial markets. I have completed my bachelor’s in economics from Sri Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi University. At CDPP, I have contributed to the study titled 'Behaviour among Young Urban Indian Voters: A Study from Across Three States’ assessing the role of different factors that influence voting behaviour of the youth.

—Prabhsimran Kaur, MA Economics at Ambedkar University, Delhi University

I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Economics from Ramjas College, University of Delhi. I am interested in research and outreach. At CDPP, I contributed to the project titled 'Behaviour among Young Urban Indian Voters: A Study from Across Three States'. There, I got to learn about political research which, I believe, will help me pave my way into the public policy sphere.

—Shambhavi Raj, pursuing BA Economics at Ramjas College, University of Delhi

I have interests in research, operations, and volunteering. I have worked on projects related to elections in India as well as on research related to Covid19, with various think tanks. With CDPP, I worked on the project titled 'Behaviour among Young Urban Indian Voters: A Study from Across Three States'. Since I had looked into the candidates' perspective in my previous projects, an analysis of the voters' preferences exposed me to the other side of the coin. I want to pursue an M.A. in Economics and I believe that this internship has helped me sharpen my research skills.

—Tushar Goyal, pursuing BA Economics at Ramjas College, University of Delhi

As an intern at CDPP, I have worked on a project related to gender violence and reviewed the women-specific legislations in India such as Dowry prohibition act and Domestic Violence act. This internship has given me opportunity to explore the issues in the area of Gender Discrimination and Women rights.

—Karnati Sravani, pursuing MA Social Work at Department of Social Work, Delhi University.

I'm interested in how economic history, political economy and development studies align. At CDPP, I'm working under Riaz Shaikh on the project, 'Minority Education Development: An Evidence Based Action Plan.' The internship is a great addition to my mostly theoretical understanding of development studies since I'll now be looking at it from a policy perspective. I plan on pursuing a PhD in Development Studies and Public Policy and working on this project has opened me up to a very interesting domain.

—Bishnupriya Bagh, pursuing Master's in Planning & Development from IIT-Bombay

At CDPP, I am analysing the government’s decision to run a deep fiscal deficit as well as its impact on the revival of the economy. Parallelly, I am also looking into COVID-19 from an economic perspective. I am being mentored by Dr. Nilanjan Banik. His expertise has been insightful and has helped me finetune my research.

—Alankrit Dhyani, pursuing BA(Hons) Economics at Hans Raj College

I am interested in deciphering how people make decisions about others and what factors contribute to prejudices. At CDPP , I am doing a project under the guidance of Neelima Khetan, to investigate the ground reality of gender bias attitudes and perceptions in the Indian population. The mentorship provided at CDPP has been both enlightening and insightful. I wish to gain experience and work towards a PhD. In my free time, I love reading books and quizzing.

—Razia Shaikh, pursuing M.Sc. in Neural and Cognitive Sciences at University of Hyderabad

At CDPP, I am working on the theme of 'Returning Migrants and Enduring States', under the direction of Prof. Amitabh Kundu. I am interested in areas related to economics, policy, and welfare of migrant labourers in the country. I have received the 'Best Paper' award at the Annual Economics Conference held at Ahmedabad University, on the theme of bank nationalisation. I wish to pursue a Master’s in Economics (Policy) and perhaps a Ph.D. Looking forward to a meaningful career in teaching as well as research.

—Shivang Uniyal, BA(Hons) Public Administration and Governance at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

I am very interested in the field of financial analytics and studying the trends in the financial sector. CDPP provided me the opportunity to do research in the NBFC sector of India under the guidance of Dr. Amir Ullah Khan. This project is helping me to derive insights about what is ailing the sector. I am hoping this research will help me understand the nuances of financial sector and advance my career in this field.

—Siddharth Tarway, PGDM Finance at NMIMS Hyderabad

I am inclined towards the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science and I aspire to do my master's in this field. My project at CDPP is on the Overburdening of healthcare during COVID and the impact on Rural India. I got interested in healthcare after enrolling in the elective(Health Economics) offered at my university, taught by Dr. Amir Ullah Khan. I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Dr. Saleema Razvi, guiding me during my entire internship. I would like to work towards a master's and apply it to the field of healthcare and this internship has accelerated my learning curve in that direction.

—Vedant Valia, pursuing B.Tech in Computer and Communication Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology, Udupi

My interest lies in public policy as well as development studies. I am currently working with CDPP on the economic impact of Citizenship. During my work period, I have received considerable help from my mentor, Professor Abdul Shaban in understanding the intricacies of the issue through his insightful expertise. I believe this internship and my current project has helped me in expanding my understanding of how government policies are framed and implemented. The learnings will help me in advancing my academic career as well as help in having a deeper knowledge of public policy.

—K. Abhishek Preetham pursuing MA Economics at Ahmedabad University

My primary research Objectives and interests are in Development Studies and Macroeconomics. I am actively involved in writing articles on banking and other macroeconomic related topics. I have written a research paper on “Recovery of NPA: A Success of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws in India” and have presented it in an ICSSR sponsored National Conference on Research and Regulatory Aspect in Accounting, in MSU, Vadodara. At, CDPP my research project is on “Impact of COVID-19 on Informal workers”. Prof. Mir Ali is mentoring meat CDPP, he is always eager to guide mewhile working on this project. I wish to build my career in academic research and pursue a Ph.D in Development Economics.

—Lucky Pandey, MA Economics at Ahmedabad University.