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The COVID19 Project

The Coronavirus outbreak will likely create ripples of impact in sectors across the society,economy, and polity. The Centre is committed in the research, analysis and documentation of the far-reaching consequences of the pandemic across the spectrum. Current studies delve into the implications of COVID19 on the economy and on the unorganized sector. The organisation is simultaneously involved in assessing the impact of the lockdown on the poor. The project is an attempt to influence policies with evidence-based and data-driven solutions in adapting to the changed global order.

Fake News, Hate Crime and Social Media

Fake News and hate crimes have become synonymous with each other. The Centre is working to explore the role of social media in the rise of fake news and hate crimes. We undertake analysis and documentation of targeted attacks and doctored content in backdrop of current laws and policies.


Analysis of Voter Behavior

What does our young voter vote for? We have seen sometimes paradoxical and often baffling results. Do acute job losses, a slowing down of growth and reduction in consumption expenditure matter to our youth? Is their voting behaviour determined by the need to rewrite history and correct historical wrongs? What slogans do the youth want to hear? And what do they make of today’s political climate? The study is an attempt to explore voting preferences of the youth through a nationwide analysis. Also to highlight the electoral diversity, the alliances at work and the caste and class affiliations.

What is Citizenship?

The idea of citizenship has become controversial and contested. The National Citizens Register has set a precedent wherein the entire population of India is on a trial to establish their citizenship. The Citizenship Amendment Bill has further compounded the insecurity around being a citizen. Through this exploratory analysis, we seek to understand and assess, who is a citizen in the background of NRC and CAB. Also, to examine the impact of an NRC-like initiative in other States.
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Deconstructing the Uniform Civil Code

There has been much clamour in the Indian democracy with regards to a Uniform Civil Code being brought around in the country. While Article 44 provides that the State shall endeavour to secure for all citizens a Uniform Civil Code throughout the territory of India, the Law Commission of India had clearly stated in 2018 that it is “neither necessary nor desirable at this stage”. The current project is an attempt to understand the impact of UCC on secularism and pluralism in India.

Political Relevance of Minorities

The public participation of minorities in all political, economic, social and cultural spaces is quintessential of a democracy. It helps minimize exclusion as well as preserving their identity. The study attempts to analyse the space that India as a democracy accords to voices other than the majoritarian one.