What we do

About us / What We Do


We undertake both internal and client-based (both governmental and private) research. Quality research with empirical evidence to disseminate knowledge in the public domain. We work to bridge the knowledge gap and facilitate innovative solutions to public problems.


We train policy makers, journalists, legislators, lawmakers, academics and civil society leaders at all levels in the policy framework. This includes sensitization to global practices and to ensure international standards. This is to enhance receptivity to ideas and build relationships with individuals in the policy space.

Research Support to Policymakers

The Centre provides an “On-call Background Research” service in order to provide assistance in terms of research to policymakers for all matters related to inclusion, diversity and the safety of the marginalized groups.


A central focus of the institution is bridging the knowledge gap between the government and the public on issues of inclusive policy. Our aim is to inform and raise public awareness about current policy frameworks, the centre involves people and account for their voices in the process of policy drafting and possible change. This is chiefly done through various events (such as seminars, workshops, Roundtables and talks) and a regularly created series of publications. We bring together experts, government officials and members of the public, to hold multilateral discussions and debate on a number of important concerns.